Security Guard Training

Over the next decade, more than 200,000 new jobs will be created for security guards in the U.S. Security guard jobs offer an excellent employment outlook for those facing high school graduation, trying to find work after a long period of unemployment or looking to move from a minimum wage job into a higher paying field.

Security Guard Job Description

Security Guard Job Description

Security Guard

Although security guard positions are found in many different settings from factories to office buildings to schools to hospitals to public places, the nature of the job is largely the same everywhere. Private security guards are there to protect property and people. They prevent crimes from happening by patrolling the area and intervening when necessary, and they respond to emergency situations. Many locations need protecting around the clock, so a large number of security guard jobs require work during times when other jobs do not, such as during the evening, overnight and on weekends and holidays. For more Information Click Here

Security Guard Duties

Although security guard duties may vary from employer to employer, some basic duties are involved in nearly all security guard positions. Security guards typically patrol their assigned areas, looking for anything suspicious. They may also monitor the footage from security cameras. If someone tries to commit a crime, a security guard is expected to respond by restraining and temporarily arresting the culprit until the authorities can arrive. Security guards may also assist with evacuating a facility if there is a fire or bomb threat and provide support if an accident occurs onsite. Many security guards are required to write reports that detail what happens during their shifts. Additional paperwork may be required if an incident occurs. Click Here for more Info

Security Guard Skills

For success in the field of private security, certain security guard skills are necessary. Security guards must be in good physical condition to apprehend suspicious individuals and to walk for long periods of time while on patrols. The abilities to remain calm in a crisis, problem solve and think critically are all important for security guards. A good security guard is also an effective communicator both verbally and in writing. Some security guard companies and other employers require security guards to submit printed reports rather than handwritten ones, so basic computer and word processing skills may be required.

Security Guard Requirements

In the U.S., unarmed security guards must typically be at least 18 years of age and armed security guards must be 21. Most states require security guards to receive security guard certification or licensing. Having a background free of recent criminal convictions is a requirement in many states.

Education and Training for Security GuardsSecurity Guard Job Description

Around two-thirds of security guards have a high school diploma with no post-secondary education, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The majority of the remainder of employees either have attended some college courses or did not complete high school. Nearly all states require security guard training classes for receiving security guard cards or licenses. The amount and type of training varies widely from state to state.For more information Click here

Security Guard Salary

In May 2011, security guards made an average of $13.00 per hour and $27,040 per year. Salaries vary throughout the country. For example, security guard jobs in NYC paid an average of $29,150 annually, while security guard jobs in Atlanta paid $23,800 per year on average.

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