Security Guard Training in Alabama

High turnover rates and retirements among security guards in Alabama will lead to many openings with top security guard companies throughout the state over the next decade. If you’re interested in embarking on a career in the field, you’ll need an Alabama security guard license. The Alabama Security Regulatory Board is responsible for issuing licenses in the state under the guidance of Chapter 832-X-1 Administration & Procedure in the state’s laws. Under these laws, both armed and unarmed security guard jobs require training for licensing.

Basic Training

Prospective unarmed and armed security guards in Alabama must participate in a training course led by an instructor that is certified by the Alabama Security Regulatory Board. Classes for security guard training must meet for a minimum of 8 hours and cover specific topics outlined in the state laws.

At the end of the training course, students must pass a written security guard test. Those who successfully complete the course will a receive security guard certificate from the trainer. This document is necessary for licensing.

Types of Classes for Security Guard Training

Alabama allows students to attend approved video-based online security guard training courses in addition to classroom-based courses. In addition, prospective licensees can complete approved self-study, workbook-based courses. Under the law, reading 100 words is the equivalent to one minute of training, so a complete written training course would need to contain at least 48,000 words.

Topics Covered in Security Guard Classes

State laws require that training courses for security guard jobs cover only pre-approved topics, though trainers may pick and choose which topics are included in their security guard classes. Some of the topics that may be covered in classes include:

  • Crime awareness
  • Crime prevention
  • ┬áSecurity guard ethics
  • Alabama laws and regulations regarding guard jobs and security guard companies
  • Safety
  • Patrol techniques
  • Emergency response procedures
  • First aid and CPR
  • Security guard supplies and gear
  • Customer Service
  • Weaponry
  • Restraints

Armed Security Guard Training

In addition to the basic 8-hour security guard training course, prospective armed guards in Alabama must also take a training course that teaches how to safely discharge and handle all of the types of firearms that they will use at their security guard jobs.

The state provides two options for armed security guard training classes:

  • Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission’s course, which is 4 hours in length. The course is offered at various times throughout the year in Montgomery and is also available at select security guard training schools throughout the state.
  • National Rifle Association training course on handguns, shotguns or rifles. These courses are offered by NRA-approved trainers throughout Alabama.

Armed Security Guard Test

At the completion of the training course, students must pass an examination on a firing range. A score of at least 80 percent accuracy is required to pass. Students who do not pass on the first try may repeat the test one more time; only two attempts to pass the test are permitted within a 24-hour period.

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